“The Little Boat That Could”
 By: Damon McMillan
In the new issue of Make: magazine, Volume 55,SeaChargerDamon McMillan tells the story of how he built a boat, but
SeaCharger is not just any boat. It’s an eight-foot-long autonomous boat with solar panels that can navigate the sea on its own. It took Damon and team of friends 30 months to build the boat as a project.

He brought SeaCharger to Maker Faire Bay Area in 2016. Then he decided to send the boat on a mission. To Hawaii! He launched it from Half Moon Bay, California in May 2016, and 41 days later he stood in a harbor on the Big Island as SeaCharger came to shore, completing a journey of 2,400 miles. Damon was there with his supportive family in Hawaii.

Then, he reprogrammed the boat and sent it on its way to New Zealand.  Even Damon doesn’t know how much the SeaCharger cost.  His answer? “Priceless.”