Can you believe it?  We are only 17 days away from the inaugural Southwest Michigan Mini Maker Faire!  Preparations are in full speed and we are excited to have so many amazing Makers coming to share their talents and creations.

Here are 10 awesome project ideas from MAKE Magazine for you to try while waiting anxiously :

  1. Cordless Drill Powered Go Kart
  2. Battery Testing Tweezers
  3. Smartphone Microscope
  4. DIY Dinosaur Footprints
  5. Kids’ DIY “FUNiture” Kit
  6. Wind-Powered Music Box
  7. Power Washer Art
  8. Coffee Filter Flowers
  9. Make a PVC Pipe Instrument
  10. Jam Jar Lanterns

Keep making!

– The SW Michigan Mini Maker Faire Team

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